Business Owner Says Flags Keep Flying Off of Shelf

Confederate Flag at Sergeant Major's Bunker

Augusta, GA

As the flag went down at the South Carolina State Capitol, the sale of confederate flags continued to go up at a local business in Georgia.

As a veteran, this business owner says he fought for the liberties of this country including being able to fly the Confederate Flag. He said since the controversy over the flag began last month, his flags have been flying off the shelf.

The owner of Sergeant Major’s Bunker said the store was opened to serve those in need of military gear, but now it’s become known for another item.

The Confederate Flag has been in the spot light for weeks, and the owner has continued to fill the order for those who want to buy one.

“The sales weren’t that much before, I hadn’t even restocked, until the controversy started real bad and then I stocked up on them,” said Willie Scroggins, the owner of Sergeant Major’s Bunker.

Scroggins said the most he can order at one time is about 25 flags and those sell out every couple of days.

“I’ve got some vendors who are not selling them anymore, from some of the people that I bought them from before, they’re not selling them anymore, and other vendors are staying sold out of them,” said Scroggins.

While his vendors are primarily up north, he says the one vendor he has in Georgia is still sold out.

“A lot of people came in to specifically buy the flag and when I was out of it, they just left, they came just for the flag,” said Scroggins.

He said the flag officially coming down from state grounds won’t change anything for his business or for his mentality.

“I don’t think it’s going to change the morals of anybody any better or any worse, I don’t think it’s going to have a great impact on how people treat their neighbor,” said Scroggins.

Along with the flag selling out at retailers, the North Carolina DMV reported it has sold out of its Confederate Flag license plates due to the high demand.





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