Feeling Of Unity Surrounded Removal Of Confederate Flag From South Carolina’s Statehouse

Columbia, SC – It was an emotional morning at the South Carolina Statehouse Friday morning. Regardless of your feelings about the Confederate flag, there was no denying a feeling of unity.

As the South Carolina High Patrol honor guard removed the flag from Statehouse grounds, “This Land Is Your Land” played and the hundreds of people who came to witness the historic event broke out into a chant of “USA! USA!”

There were also people protesting the removal of the flag, but they were drowned out by the supporters.

“It felt pretty amazing. I felt like I was witnessing history and a really great thing and I feel really great to be a South Carolinian, at this moment,” said Mitchell Lambert, of Columbia.

“I understand people’s feelings about heritage and about this being their heritage. But for me, it’s part of South Carolina history, but it’s not part of my heritage. So, to me, the flag being up there was not for everybody in the state,” said Karen Gardner, of Aiken County.

We did speak with one man dressed as a Confederate soldier who was showing his support for the Confederate flag by waving his own. He said he was not sad to see it removed because he knows where he can go to see it in a museum.

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