“Out There…Somewhere”: Trying To Find The Right Words To Describe How Hot It Is

Photo of the sun taken in Gibson, Georgia.
Photo of the sun taken in Gibson, Georgia.

Gibson, GA – You would not take Gibson, Georgia as a city place.

“I’m definitely country,” said Jean Usry.

And, out here in the country, they have a reputation of being able to turn the very colorful phrase it here’s an example.

“I can’t even think of one, right now,” said Larry Clifton, who actually lives in Millen, Georgia.

Well, with the sun going all super nova, here’s a topic: the heat. Like, it’s so hot in Gibson, even the streets were sweating.

How hot is it? The fire hydrants were doing all they could to attract the dogs.

How hot is it? “It’s hotter than a fox in a forest fire,” said Post Master Wayne Calhoun, who said he learned that in the military.

“It’s hotter than cooking in the kitchen with Grandma. That’s what she always told me,” said Jessica Proctor, who recently moved to Gibson.

“Frogs would sit on a stone, frogs would sit on a stone,” said Reverend Larry Medlock. “Frogs would sit on a stone? Have you seen one today?” we asked Rev. Medlock. “Not today,” he answered. “It’s hot, they should be sitting on a stone,” we added. “You got to give them a little bit,” he said.

How hot it is it? Jessica Proctor’s son couldn’t come up with one. “You’re little help,” we told him.

“Hotter than a Forty-Niner,” said Harriet Johnson. We’re not sure if she meant a long ago gold miner, or a football player.

Goats are pretty country and, in this weather, they must heat up. “It’s hotter than a Billy goat in a pepper patch,” said Laverne Booten. “Is that pretty hot?” we asked. “That’s really hot,” she said.

And, it’s so hot here that the turkey on the town mural…if it laid an egg, you know it would be fried.

It’s all colorful country talk in Gibson.

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