Richmond Summit Apartment Elevators are Fixed, but Residents Still have Concerns

Richmond Summit Apartment complex.

Augusta, GA – Workers are restoring elevator access at Richmond Summit Apartments in Augusta.

Residents have been without elevator access for more than 2 weeks leaving many disabled residents stuck inside the building.

Several people inside the building use wheelchairs to get around, and were unable to leave their room for days, which is a huge fire hazard.

News Channel 6 took these concerns to the Augusta Fire Department. They sent the repair company a notice of fire hazard and on July 7th one of the two elevators were repaired.

Ambling Management Company manages the building and they said they contacted an elevator repair company as soon as they were notified that both elevators were down.

A spokesperson for Ambling says the first technician did not order the right parts for the elevator which delayed the process some.

Richmond Summit Apartments is a section 8 housing development. They cater to low-income elderly and disabled residents.

“They only fix pieces, they don’t fix the whole thing,” Richmond Summit resident, Keith Davis said.

Keith Davis says it’s just a matter of time before the elevator breaks again.

This is a problem residents say happens every summer because of the heat.

“This is nothing new. Management and cooperate has nothing to do, they did all they can do. They can’t themselves go fix it, I think the culprit in the problem is the elevator people, they the ones that took so long to get the parts,” resident, Charles Womble explained.

Charles Womble says management has done all they can to help, but Davis disagrees. Davis believes management needs to come talk to the tenants to get the real story.

While WJBF News Channel 6 was at the apartment complex, residents got a letter from the property manager.

The letter says there will be a meeting next week and if residents don’t come, their names will be turned over to the police department.

“What for? There ain’t no crime in not going to a meeting,” Davis said.

We spoke with the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office and a spokesperson says they are aware of the meeting, but it is not mandatory for them and they are only there to answer questions residents may have.

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