Students React To New Georgia Regents University President

Georgia Regents University welcomes new President Doctor Brooks Keel.

The University System of Georgia may have chosen a new president for Georgia Regents University, but what do the students think?

“I feel like a president who is interactive with their students actually cares about their students,” said James McNeill, GRU student.

At Georgia Regents University, staff and students are excited for the future and growth they hope will come with a new president.

“From what I’ve seen what I’ve read of Brooks Keel, he’s done amazing things down at Georgia Southern and what I expect from him is do the same thing up here at Georgia Regents. Just because he has more of a personal tie with this University and the system that it’s in,” Benjamin Hammond, GRU student said.

Doctor Brooks Keel is known for being an all around easy to talk to administrator. He says his biggest challenge will be to rally Augusta and GRU students into one united Jaguar nation.

“It’s an opportunity to be a president at a time when a president can be outwardly focused. Can pay more attention to the community, to the students. Be visible with the students; get a chance to interact with the students. It is truly one of the fun parts of the job,” Doctor Brooks Keel, said.

Going into the future current students hope their voices are heard. Students we talked to say they hope to see more things to do on campus, more campus parking, and the addition of a football team. And Keel is ready to hit the ground running.

Dr. Brooks

“But my vision is not in the rear view mirror. My vision is out the windshield and I want to try and get this whole community to come together with me. Let’s focus on the future and moving forward,” said Dr. Keel.

Brooks Keel will take over as president of Georgia Regents University on July 20th. He is known for being very social media savvy, and if you want to follow him twitter its @PresKeel.

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