Augusta Man Arrested For Dragging Narcotics Investigator With His Truck

Mug shot of Shavarius Marquette Bell, who is accused of dragging a Richmond County Sheriff's Office investigator.
Mug shot of Shavarius Marquette Bell, who is accused of dragging a Richmond County Sheriff's Office investigator.

Augusta, GA – An Augusta man has been arrested and accused of dragging a Richmond County Sheriff’s Office deputy.

An investigator has been conducting an ongoing narcotics investigation on 24-year-old Shavarius Marquette Bell, of 18 Taylor Street in Augusta.

According to the incident report, during the course of the investigation, the investigator learned that Bell was trafficking in illegal narcotics in a black Dodge pickup truck from his residence to other unknown locations in the downtown area of Augusta. The information, received from confidential sources, was that Bell uses the same route while trafficking illegal narcotics. This route was Watkins Street to 2nd Street, then to his residence.

On Monday, July 6th at approximately 2:45 p.m., two investigators saw the black Dodge truck traveling eastbound on Watkins Street at 3rd Street. Investigators said, as the truck was approaching the stop sign at Watkins Street at 3rd Street, the truck vehicle failed to stop at the stop sign and continued eastbound until it reached 2nd Street and made a right turn.

An investigator activated his lights and siren and conducted a traffic stop. As the investigator approached Bell, another investigator approached the passenger.

An investigator  then advised Bell of the traffic infraction and also about the drug investigation he had been conducting. Bell denied any and all involvement with drugs. The investigator also reportedly told Bell that he was being given a verbal warning for disregarding the stop sign. Bell then told the investigator that his mother also drives the vehicle and sometimes visits undesirable area that possibly has illegal activity occurring.

The investigator asked Bell whether he had any drugs or weapons after noticing a bulge in Bell’s groin area. Bell replied “no” and consented to a search of his person. The investigator then conducted a patdown of Bell and felt a plastic bag between Bell’s legs. The investigator then directed Bell to have a seat on the back of the truck and instead, Bell then reportedly jumped into the driver’s seat of his truck. The other investigator, tried to stop Bell by getting inside the truck from the passenger’s side. Bell reportedly refused to comply to all commands to stop by the investigator and the passenger.both by Inv. Cowell and passenger Connie White.

The report states that Bell “did knowingly utilize his vehicle as a weapon” against the investigator while dragging him approximately 30-50 feet with his vehicle.

The investigator who was dragged sustained road rash onto his left arm and injury to his entire left side (hip and leg). After ejecting, the investigator from the vehicle, the report says Bell continued at a high rate of speed and abandoned his vehicle in the back yard of 849 1st Street, where he drove over the residents mailbox and table while fleeing.

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