Have You Seen Jean? Missing Aiken County Woman Has Alzheimer’s

Jean Smith, 70, is missing in Aiken County and living with Alzheimer's.

RIDGE SPRING, SC– Law enforcement in Aiken County is asking for the public’s help in locating a missing woman living with Alzheimer’s.

Emergency crews across Aiken County were in Ridge Spring Tuesday afternoon looking for 70-year-old Jean Bird Smith.

A 50 person crew searched the Ridge Spring home where Smith went missing.
A 50 person crew searched the Ridge Spring home where Smith went missing.

Capt. Eric Abdullah with the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office told us a family member searched the area near the home before contacting law enforcement.

“She did leave out the bedroom window,” he said.

A search team of about 50 people took to the air and land with four wheelers and dogs and even by foot to locate Smith.

“We were informed that she did have some type of device, but it is not on her at this moment,” Capt. Abdullah said.

Smith left her home on the 400 block of Cumbee Trail Road in Ridge Spring around 7 o’clock Monday night.  She was wearing light blue pants and a green and gray fleece vest.  She is described as 5’8” and 130lbs.

Marti Blanchard is a caregiver in Aiken.  She attends an Alzheimer’s support group at Cumberland Village.  She and many others in the group say signing up for Project LifeSaver helps assure them that their loved ones will be found quickly if they decide to flee.

“It carries a low frequency radio frequency and the police can track that,” Blanchard said.  “He wears the band.  You cannot take the band off.  Once the policeman puts it on, it’s on your wrist.  There is a battery that last about three months.  Once the battery dies the police come and change it.”

Linda Lucas leads the Alzheimer’s Support group.  She agrees that Project LifeSaver can help, but she tells us there are other things caregivers can do to keep their homes secured if placing their loved ones in a home is not an option.

“Bed alarms to door alarms, window alarms so that the windows may not be opened,” Lucas said.

Captain Eric Abdullah says search has ended near her home..but surrounding areas have been alerted to be on the lookout for Ms. Smith.

He adds they are urging the public to contact the Aiken County Sheriff’s at 803-648-6811 with any information on her whereabouts.

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