Incoming Superintendent Talks About Future Plans

Dr. Sean Alford, incoming Aiken County Superintendent

Aiken County, SC

A first look at the future of Aiken County Schools: incoming superintendent Dr. Sean Alford talked to News Channel 6 about his goals.

Alford sat in on his first meeting with the board of education, since being selected Aiken County’s new superintendent.

“We are at a very critical point in our state’s future, in our state’s history I think, and that really calls for individuals who are willing to lead, particularly in educational institutions, to build young people and future citizens,” said Alford.

Alford said, as the county is already doing, there should be a continued focus on ways to put each child’s safety and education at the forefront, which means updating schools.

“Making sure that we are assessing our unique needs here, I think it’s been well documented that Aiken County has a very large percentage or large portion of school buildings that are quite old, and we certainly want the best,” said Alford.

With two decades of administrative experience in South Carolina’s Public Schools under his belt, Alford said he understands the support that schools need.

“The teachers have a very tough job, working in classrooms every day, we certainly don’t fool ourselves, as school and district leaders, the magic happens in classrooms,” said Alford.

He said educators do carry a large responsibility to lead every child to success, and everyone needs to rally around that goal.

“We certainly need an involved community, we need to access and leverage community resources because we have a lot of expertise, particularly here in the Aiken community, and we have people that are willing to lend a hand to push that wheelbarrow,” said Alford.

Dr. Alford will replace Dr. Elizabeth Everitt, who retires on July 31st.


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