How Local Military Recruiting Offices Train for Dangerous Situations

Army Recruiting Center in Augusta, GA

Augusta, GA – The shootings at military offices in Chattanooga, Tennessee has many wondering what safety measures are taken at these facilities.

WJBF News Channel 6 took a look at how local military recruiting offices train for dangerous situations.

Army Captain Aaron Payne said everyone goes through special training to prepare for these types of events. He said local law enforcement also plays a big part in monitoring the offices and because of Thursday’s shooting, that security was heightened.

Military recruiting offices are the grounds where many people find the inspiration to sacrifice their lives for the United States.

Even though many are welcome through the doors, there are precautions that are taken daily to protect those inside.

Army Captain Aaron Payne, the Company Commander for the Augusta Recruiting Company, said each recruiting center goes through a lot of training in order to be prepared for events like the shooting in Chattanooga.

“The main thing is awareness training, so we are made to be vigilant, aware of our surroundings, and there’s a lot that goes in with that, secondly, we always go through anti-terrorism as well as active shooter training, so there’s a lot of details with those and steps,” said Payne.

Payne said this training is done at least once a year. He said the offices here have signs indicating they are gun free zones just like the ones in Chattanooga.

“Keeping our doors locked at all times, and then once someone has identified themselves, we will let them in, and then we do on occasion search bags or backpacks, anything that’s brought in here for suspicious items prior to interviewing an applicant or talking to someone,” said Payne.

He said recruiters have the ability to remain aware and assess situations very quickly because of their training and daily tasks.

“We are really quick to look at someone and instantly run through our mental checks, hey, does this person fit the bill for someone that we want in our United States Army,” said Payne.

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