Augusta Mayor, Commissioners Clash Over Mayor’s Staff Attending Legal Meetings

Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic
Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic

Augusta, GA – For Commissioner Marion Williams it’s not always what’s being discussed in legal session that’s the issue but who’s in the meeting when it’s being discussed.

“We need to get this straighten now and I think it’s another power move to let people know I’m going to run this thing,” said Williams.

At issue is Mayor Hardie Davis bringing in his chief of staff Lynthia Owens to take part in legal meetings.

Davis says as mayor he signs all documents for city business and Owens assists in him in that task

“That is why I brought the individual to the meeting there is no again statutory reason why I can’t,” said the Mayor.

But some city leaders say Davis should not.

“I don’t think its right to bring here into that meeting like that especially without getting some clearance beforehand because that puts here in a bad light,” says Commissioner Williams.

Davis thinks commissioners need to be more involved in issues to move the city forward

“As opposed to being mired in this juvenile and trivial issue the fact I’m having this discussion with the media today is further evidence there are some who want to continually challenge the role of mayor in Augusta Georgia,” said Davis.

“The rules are the rules and he’s not going to change those I’m very disappointed,” countered Williams.

Some commissioners may not like what’s going on in legal meetings but the mayor feels it’s just an attempt to undermine his position.

“You don’t see yourself just on your saying no more Chief Of Staff in meetings? “

Absolutely not,” says Davis.

Davis does not want to stop having his chief of staff take part in legal meeting behind closed doors but additional commission opposition is coming public city leaders are expected to discuss who should attend legal meetings next week.

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