What’s Trending Thursday, July 16th at 5:30

A giant lobster is the new star at a seafood shop in New York.
A giant lobster is the new star at a seafood shop in New York.

Augusta, GA – A giant lobster is the new star at a seafood shop in New York. It was found by a fishermen caught the 23-pound critter and surprised the store with it.There’s no way to tell the exact age, but the lobster could be about 95-years old, based on its size and weight. The shop has decided to donate it to a local aquarium.

From ‘One Direction’ to one daddy. Fans of the boy band were shocked to find out that Louis Tomlinson is to become a father. People magazine reports 23-year-old Tomlinson is expecting a child with an american stylist. Fans responded on twitter using the hashtag #ohnolouis. The chart-topping british boy band was formed in 2010. It dropped from five to four members after Zayn Malik quit the group this year.

Reality show “19 Kids and Counting” will not return to T-L-C. The cable channel announced that it has officially cancelled the show. This, nearly two months after it came out that one of the 19 kids, Josh Duggar, committed acts of child molestation as a teenager. Some of his sisters were among the victims.
T-L-C initially pulled the past episodes of “19 Kids and Counting” from its schedule, but kept open the possibility that the show would resume someday.
Now, it’s saying production of the series will not resume, despite its longtime popularity.

And the hottest item at a party store in Dallas is a familiar face. Donald Trump… The Piñata. The store’s owner says he was upset with the Republican Presidential hopeful’s comments about mexican immigrants. So the store owner decided his customers should be able to hit back. while the Donald himself may not be popular with some latinos, the pinata is flying off the shelves and apparently it’s a phenomenon across the region.


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