Annual Lake Safety Day for the Youth

lake day for the youth.

The Thurmond Lake Sail and Power Squadron hosted annual lake day for the youth on Sunday.

This is the 4th year that Wesley United Methodist Church brought out the youth group for a fun and informative day at the lake.

The group had lunch while getting a quick safety lesson from the Squadron before hitting the water and putting their knowledge to the test.

Nearly 80 youth group members met at Savannah Lakes Marina Beach Sunday afternoon for a lesson in water safety and fun.

After a quick lecture from the pros the kids were able to hop on a boat and get some hands on experience.

“The power squadron is great they are such a giving group of people they take the kids out and it’s wonderful that they teach them how to go out on boats properly safely,” Joanne Cirincione a mother with the youth group explained.

This is not Joanne Cirincione’s first time attending youth lake day and she says it definitely won’t be her last. As a mother she knows the importance of keeping kids safe on the lake.

“I think it’s sometimes we as a community assume that they would know the right path, but they aren’t really going to know it unless someone teaches them,” Cirincione said.

Doug Chalifour, with the Sail and Power Squadron, spoke to the group about the importance of being aware of your surroundings on the lake, with extra emphasis on life jackets.

“It’s just an essential thing to have when you’re on the water. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the dock, by the boat, out swimming where the water goes over your head, wear a life jacket,” Chalifour explained.

This year alone 4 people have drowned on Lake Thurmond and not one of them was wearing a life jacket.

Michael Gilder, with the youth group, says he’s glad the Squadron has taken the time to teach his youth group about the dangers on the water.

“A lot of kids are crazy they don’t realize the dangers of the waters and they need to learn safety precautions,” Gilder said.

If you’re interested in taking a course with Thurmond Lake Sail and Power Squadron you can visit for directions on how to sign up for classes.

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