Jeb Bush Makes Campaign Stop in Aiken

Republican Presidential Candidate Jeb Bush in Aiken

Aiken, SC – Vote 2016 and a Presidential hopeful made his way to our area.
Republican Candidate Jeb Bush held a town hall meeting with more than 300 Aiken voters.

Jeb Bush made his case to potential voters.
He slammed President Barack Obama and Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton with a jab or two for his republican rivals, but Bush says he’s trying to distance himself from the crowded field by being the happy candidate.

Hundreds of people lined up for a chance to see Jeb Bush in Aiken.
The Republican Presidential Candidate was greeted by applause as he made his way into Newberry Hall.

“We can’t just talk about how bad things are. I’m not a grievance candidate. I’m not angry to be honest with you,” said Bush.

Bush spoke to the audience of more than 300 people for about 20 minutes on a wide range of topics including cutting government, terrorism and the economy, followed by questions from the audience.

Michelle Holt asked, “My 26-year-old can’t afford the Affordable care act and if it wasn’t for my husband being able to obtain another position, we wouldn’t have been able to afford it either. So if you are elected President, what will you do to help that?”
Bush answered, “I will strive to appeal Obamacare.”

Bush says he plans to reach outside the GOP’s base to win minority voters.

“Leadership matters. We’ve had a period now where talking about things turns out to be like a qualification, but it isn’t really,” said Bush.

In the latest ABC News/Washington Post Poll, Bush ranks third among Republican Presidential Candidates.
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is second, Donald Trump is out in front by nine points.

Trump made headlines Tuesday by giving out South Carolina Senator and fellow candidate Lindsay Graham’s phone number at a rally.

News Channel 6’s Deon Guillory asked, “Does Donald Trump have your cell phone number and if not, would you give it to him?
Bush answered with a laugh, “No and no.”

Jeb Bush says he plans to spend a lot of time in South Carolina before the February primary.
The first debate is in two weeks.


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