Neighbors Concerned After Video Surfaces Of 2 Dogs Killing A Small Dog

dog attack.

Grovetown, GA – A disturbing video is making its rounds on social media. The video shows a small dog being attacked and killed by two other bigger dogs. (Please be aware that parts of this video are graphic and some viewers may find it disturbing.)

A neighbor caught it all on video with her phone.

Columbia County Animal Services responded to the incident. A spokesperson with the organization says no charges were filed against the owner of the two dogs that killed the smaller dog.

The county ordinance states that, since the 2-year-old Jack Russell Terrier was off its property and in the yard with the two Boxers, that constituted provocation. In that case, the two Boxers were defending their yard. It is believed the Jack Russell dug its way under the fence into the Boxers’ yard. That’s when Albert Allen’s mother-in-law started filming.

Some neighbors are still concerned with the safety of the situation so we decided to look into who is responsible when incidents like this happen.

“She said she heard something like a child screaming, and she ran outside to see what was going on, and she found the neighbor’s dog inside of our other neighbors’ dog’s yard, and they were tearing it up pretty good,” Albert said.

He says his first reaction to the video was that the smaller dog was a toy, but that wasn’t the case. He then posted the video on Facebook to make other neighbors aware of the violent attack. “It just made me very concerned. What happens if they get out what are they going to do to guarantee their dogs can’t dig a hole and get out?” Allen questioned.

Allen says he’s concerned for his 7-year-old son’s safety and other children in the neighborhood. “The fact that another dog got into their yard and was killed is just evidence of how violent they are, and of what could happen if they get out,” Allen explained.

We went next door to the owner of the Boxers’ home for a comment, but no one answered. We’ve reached out to the owner through messages, but have not received a response, at this time.

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