What’s Trending at 5:30 on WJBF News Channel 6, Tuesday July 21st

Photo of Will Ferrell from the movie "Old School".
Photo of Will Ferrell from the movie "Old School".

Augusta, GA – Saved by the beer. A baseball fan was happy to see a foul ball coming his way until he was almost hit by it.

His beer stopped the pitch from hitting him. When it did—the beverage started overflowing. Another fan placed the ball on the bottle cap, of course, he got to keep it.

This performance is said to be the thing that brought Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert together.

Ten years later — Blake reportedly filed for divorce in Oklahoma.

Before they announced the split– Miranda cried at her Saturday concert while singing a song written for Blake.

The country couple has been married for four years.

Today is National Junk Food Day.

If you’re tired of the “same-ole, same-ole: snacks….we’ve got a few suggestions, you may want to try in order to spice things up.

For instance, baconesque popcorn…pepperidge farm honey bun goldfish grahams…or gluten-free hot buffalo wing pretzel sticks. Bon Appetit!

A new study shows that fatherhood can make you gain weight. Many men struggle to lose pregnancy weight… even though they’ve never actually been pregnant. Some men pack on the pounds by eating with their pregnant partner or neglecting exercise routines to take care of the women.

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