WJBF EXTRA: Organic Foods

Organic Foods WJBF EXTRA graphic
Organic Foods WJBF EXTRA graphic

Aiken County, SC – Meet the girls…Molly, Dixie, Annabelle and Betsy.

These cows make up the micro-dairy at One Ash Farm & Dairy, in Ridge Spring, South Carolina.

Each morning around 7:00 a.m., the cows are milked.

“Here’s our processing room,” said Alexandrea Perez, of One Ash Farm & Dairy.

The raw milk is processed, under strict state guidelines.

“This is where the magic happens,” said Alexandrea.

The dairy is inspected once a month by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC).

The milk is sold to a devoted clientele.

“We’re a small dairy, so we actually get to have that connection with our customers. And, they get to see where the milk comes from, and see what’s going into their animals and see what’s going into their food and therefore…what’s going into their bodies,” Alexandrea told us.

The farm, owned by the Perez family, also sells eggs and vegetables, all grown organically.

One Ash Farm is one of about thirty local growers who sell products on AikenOrganics.com.

“Inhale lengthen, grow long, exhale,” said yoga instructor Alexandrea Kneese, of Aiken Yoga Studio, who launched the website earlier this year. “Yoga background gave me the encouragement to do this, but I found food before I found yoga,” she added.

Kneese says a combination of yoga and clean eating helped her overcome some health problems. Now, she’s sharing her lifestyle with her yoga clients and online food customers. “It’s kinda neat. Farming with wi-fi,” she said.

The online market opens every Sunday morning and closes Wednesday at noon.

“Its a first come, first serve. The sooner you order, if it’s something we have a little bit of, you’re more likely to get it,” Kneese said.

Farmers drop off their milk, cheese, vegetables, and other items on Tuesdays. Customers pick up their orders at Aiken Yoga Studio, located at 116 B Pendleton Street, in Aiken on Thursday. Aiken Yoga Studio’s phone number is 803-514-8833. For more information on the studio, visit their website.

Coming soon…home delivery.

One Ash Farm & Dairy is located at 2886 Piper Road, in Ridge Spring, South Carolina. Their phone number is 803-649-9172.

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