Cooking Camp Stages a Mock Wedding

Campers at Vera Stewart's Cooking Camp get ready for a mock wedding.

AUGUSTA, GA–    More than a dozen kids have been practicing their cooking skills at VeryVera Cooking Camp.

Those skills will be put to the test this weekend when they prepare the food for one of their camp-mate’s mock wedding!

Will Buchanan has Down Syndrome, and faces challenges that others don’t, but that does not stop him from learning new recipes and making new friends.

He will be playing the part of ‘the groom’ for his camp’s mock wedding this weekend.

Will and 15 girl campers are creating menus, practicing food preparations, and getting fitted at local wedding stores.

Will’s mom, Ginny, says the cooking class has helped her son build confidence.

“Oh, it’s been phenomenal because he cooks at home but like the first day he came home he said he was scared of the big knife. And I was like what? He cuts with a small knife at home. So we got the big knife out and showed him he could do it.”

Will prefers to be called “chef.” His mom says she has never seen him *smile and thrive* like he has during the camp.

Will will be getting hitched to the 15 cooking camp brides at the mock wedding this weekend!

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