Monique Sullivan Apologizes to Victims of Wrong-Way Crash

Monique Sullivan in court in Augusta, Georgia.

AUGUSTA —  Monique Sullivan will spend life in prison.

She was found guilty last month in the 2012 wrong-way crash on Riverwatch Parkway that killed one and injured others.

Thursday, it was a very emotional day in the courtroom because it was two years ago when 33-year-old Amelia Hiltz died from her injuries as a result of the wrong-way crash.

Sullivan entered the courtroom wearing a pink prison jumpsuit.

Throughout her trial, the 34-year-old didn’t show any emotion, but this time, she did, even crying a few times throughout the proceeding.

She was sentenced on 9 separate charges.

“The jury found you guilty of felony murder and for that count, I sentence you to a term of life in prison with the possibility of parole,” Judge Roper said.

All of the other charges total up to 55 years, but those will run concurrent with the life sentence.

The biggest moment of the day was after the sentencing, when Sullivan apologized to the victims.

“I’m very sorry for the pain and suffering that everybody has had to go through and I thank you again, for forgiving me,” Sullivan said.

She and her legal team even thanked the judge for the state-minimum life-sentence.

Her family members also got up to apologize, and the victims spoke as well, stating that they do forgive her for what she did, but also saying that they will never forget what happened.

“For someone to carry out such heinous acts of violence on unsuspecting, innocent people is beyond my comprehension,” one victim said.

One man even talked about the anger he still feels 3 years after witnessing the accident.

“As a husband and a father, I’m angry — angry that the image of Amelia Hiltz will always be one of pain and suffering and struggling to survive. Of Amelia, a wife, mother, and daughter never being able to hold her children and tell them she loves them,” the witness said.

In Georgia, a life-sentence is 30 years.

Sullivan does have the right to appeal this case. Judge Roper told her she has 30 days to file that appeal.

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