Relocations On The Move In Hyde Park

Augusta Georgia Seal
Augusta Georgia Seal

Augusta, GA – Janice Haynes was going for good. The 45 year resident of Hyde Park was finally being relocated to a new home in Augusta a day she didn’t expect to see.

“I truly didn’t but I’m glad I’m alive to enjoy it so many of have passed before they had a chance to move,” said Haynes.

Hyde Park is on the move, this is what the neighborhood looks like now empty home after empty homes as the residents get moved out.

Late last year the relocation effort stalled forcing commissioners to come up with another two point eight million dollars to pay to get the residents out and that has paid off.

“From a Hyde Park stand point we are steadily moving that process forward to date there are no issues I feel confident where we are,” said Housing and Development Director Hawthorne Welcher.

There are not many residents left on Leona Street in Hyde Park Julia Holmes has lived here since 1971 but not for much longer any more. “Well I’m ready now that they started I was very satisfied I loved living out here but now if I’m going somewhere I’m going to go,” said Holmes with a smile.

A lot of empty houses remain in neighborhood because the city is focusing its efforts and money on moving people out and not on the demolitions.

“And I’m satisfied with the city I’m happy with the commissioners and I just say thank you God,” says Haynes.

City housing officials will not predict a final date on when all residents will be out of Hyde Park but when this all started in 2012 it was expected to take five years.

The city still doesn’t have the money to build the storm water pond expected to be another 15 million dollars or so but the storm water fee is moving forward and Friday city leaders start the discussion on what should be included in the next sales tax project list up for a vote in November.

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