Richmond County Sheriff’s Office Hosts Kids and Cops Event

The Richmond County Sheriff's Office hosts kids and cops event.

The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office held their 3rd annual Kids and Cops event on Thursday.

This is a part of the Sheriff’s community outreach program where the cops put on a fun filled day for kids in the community.
They hope to portray a positive image of law enforcement to the kids.

More than 100 kids from the Boys and Girls Club had a day filled with water slides, sports and sweets.

Behind the fun filled day holds a meaning much more important to the community.

“The important message is safety because they see a lot of police officers not in a negative light, because so much is going on in the news that you’ve seen about police officers and different stuff like that, but what the kids are seeing today is totally contrary to that,” Mashekia Turner with the Boys and Girls Club said.

Turner said the children really embraced the day with the Richmond County Sheriff’s deputies.

“They’re saying the police officers are nice,” she continued.
The deputies even let the kids play inside the police cars and check out the bomb squad equipment.

“We’re not the bad guys positive message here we’re people and you can come to us with a problem and we’re here to help,” Sergeant Mike Gilliland said.

Sgt. Mike Gilliland says he wants to show the kids at a young age that law enforcement is here to help.

“Basically trying to let the kids know at a young age that law enforcement, police officers, we’re here as a friend, someone they can go to when they’re in trouble if they have a problem,” he explained.

He hope the kids remember this lesson when they’re older.

On August 8th the Richmond County Sheriff’s office will hold the Burgers and Shake event where the community can come out and get to talk with cops.

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