Woman Wrestles Alligator to Save Dog

Woman saves dog by wrestling alligator.

Inverness FL (CNN) – A golf course volunteer tees up with an alligator to save a neighbor’s dog.

“I hear the most God awful piercing scream that I have ever heard in my life,” said Lori Beiswenger, who saved a neighbor’s dog from an alligator)

The 7 and a half foot alligator was chewing Beiswenger’s beloved dog. “I just was screaming her name, ‘Hope, no!'”

Near the sixth hole of the family-owned golf course, Point O Woods, no one was hearing Beiswenger’s pleas.

“I jumped in, grabbed the tail and pulled him back and he starting thrashing and rolling her some more,” Beiswenger said.

Up to her neck in water, Beiswenger kept pulling the gator’s tail. “The third time I did, he turned around and looked at me,” she said.

Fearing for her life, Beiswinger got out of the water but Hope was still sinking.

Finally, someone heard hope yelping and runs to help.

“I thought the dog’s dead because all I could see was the whites of its eyes,” said Jodie Daniels.

Daniels grabbed a golf club, wading knee deep into the water. Unable to reach Hope, he grabbed a shovel. “It was quite a shock to pull the dog up and the gator is still attached to the dog.”

Hope is suffering from a severed artery.

Beiswinger took off with her in the golf cart, using a table cloth as a tourniquet.

Hope would undergo three hours of surgery. As for the gator, trappers baited him.

“I read him his Miranda rights because he had his hand tied behind his back, ‘you have the right to remain silent”,” Beiswenger said.

Trappers put the gator down and sold his meat.

“He’s now gator bites at some restaurant,” Beiswenger added.

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