UPDATE: 2 People Questioned, Released After Shooting Near Camp Shelby

Photo of the Camp Shelby sign. (Courtesy: WHLT)
Photo of the Camp Shelby sign. (Courtesy: WHLT)

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (AP) – National Guard officials say shots have been fired for a second consecutive day near a military facility in southern Mississippi, but no injuries are reported. A spokesman says soldiers training at Camp Shelby this morning reported shots fired into the air — in the same area where soldiers reported gunfire shot from a pickup near troops standing guard Tuesday. The description of the shooter is the same for both incidents: a white male in a red pickup truck. The spokesman says Camp Shelby is at a heightened state of alert but no service members have been hurt or injured.

***UPDATED at 6:50 P.M. on Tuesday, August 4th***

Hattiesburg, MS (WHLT) – The two people who were taken into custody and questioned in connection to an earlier shooting near Camp Shelby, Mississippi have been released.

Officials continue to search for the suspects and the truck that has been identified in this case.

***POSTED at 5:30 P.M. on Tuesday, August 4th***

Hattiesburg, MS (WHLT) – Perry County Sheriff Gary J. Schaaf says police have questioned two suspects who were taken into custody after shots were fired at Camp Shelby, Mississippi.

Sheriff Schaaf says would not confirm whether or not the people in custody are responsible for the shooting. He did say police are now searching for the truck that matches the initial description they sent out.

Police thought they had found the truck on 626 Old Augusta Road, but it turned out to not have been the vehicle as the investigation continues.

No was injured in the shooting, but authorities do have a description of the truck they’re looking for. Officials say they’re searching for two white males traveling in a two-door, red Ford Ranger. The words “Broken Arrow” are on the front of that vehicle.

The shooting happened just before noon Tuesday on Paret Tower Road near Camp Shelby.

Perry County and Forrest County officials are investigating the case.

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