Possible New Key To Surviving Ovarian Cancer Found

Medical Report graphic
Medical Report graphic

Columbus, OH (KXAN) — Double doses of chemotherapy could be the key to surviving ovarian cancer.

A new study from Ohio State University suggests that going through chemotherapy twice makes patients more likely to survive.

In addition to receiving traditional chemo, patients were also given a dose in the abdomen. It was reported that both doses increased the survival rate by 10 percent.

Of these women, 81 percent lived at least three more years.

Ovarian cancer patient, Terry Wiencek, said she remembers the day her doctors told her the good news.

“At that point, he said, you know it looks like everything’s good,” said Wiencek. “I mean officially in remission, as much as you can say that, and just continue to check up on things.”

Dr. David O’Malley said these findings are very important, “not that long ago less than one half of women who were diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer were alive only 2 to 3 years.”

An estimated 22,000 women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer this year. The majority of those women won’t find out until the cancer has reached the later stages.

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