UPDATE: Richmond County Schools Fully Staffed With Teachers

Richmond County Board of Education
Richmond County Board of Education

**UPDATE:  WEDNESDAY AUGUST 5, 2015  4:49PM***

According to the Richmond County Board of Educations Public Information Officer, Kaden Jacobs, all Richmond county schools are at full staff with teachers for the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year.  In a written statement Jacobs adds, ““We encourage our parents to communicate with all school personnel and to remain knowledgeable regarding curriculum requirements and assessment expectations.Our school district remains committed to building a foundation of excellence through collaboration.”






Augusta, GA – Two days to the first day of school in Richmond County, but the teacher your kid gets on Thursday may not be there the entire school year.

Richmond County schools still needs teachers. Staff tells us there are a few positions still open and administrators are trying to work on all the kinks.

There’s a buzz in the air at Creative Cuts. Barbers making sure kids look their best for the first day of school including Daniel Jones’s son.

Deon Guillory said, “Of course he had to get a fresh cut for the first day of school.”

“Of course. You gotta look good. Put his good foot forward,” said Jones.

Jones is starting high school. It’s a new environment, but his dad has the same concern he’s had the last few years.

It’s always been the buses. You can never find the right buses. You never know what’s going to be on time or whatever,” said Jones.

Israel Butler with the Richmond County School System says bus drivers are ready and administrators are working to inform parents about transportation and there’s a comprehensive plan in place to avoid overcrowded buses.

“A lot of that did involve seeing to it that no only that we would fill staff, fully staffed, but also we were recruiting enough people to accommodate the amount of students,” Butler said.

Butler says 19 drivers were added to its transportation staff during the summer. That department is now staffed to capacity, but the system is still looking to add drivers.

The district is also looking for teachers. Several positions are still open in the last hours of summer break. While Richmond County schools works on that, Jones is ready to send his son off to high school.

“Looking forward to a new school year,” Jones said.

One new change this year is the start time for schools. The school system is making sure bus routes line up with those new times. If you want to apply for any position with the school system, go to the Richmond County Board of Education website.

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