UPDATE: Keg Creek Bridge Construction

Keg Creek Bridge

Appling, GA – We first told you the bodies of two men were found after driving off the Keg Creek Bridge this weekend.

According to the GeorgiaDepartment of Transportation the barricades currently being used on the bridge are up to the national standard. DOT says they have a supervisor of traffic control who does routine checks of the construction site.

“We are always evaluating what we have going on with our projects at Georgia Department of Transportation. As of yet again I can’t comment saying we are going to remove or add any signage or barricades. That’s definitely something we do take into consideration. We hate that this particular incident did happen. It’s definitely a tragedy. We’ll just kind of go on from here and take a look at what we have, but at this point everything we have is up to the standards on the Manual and Uniform traffic control device,” said District Two Department of Transportation Communications Officer Kyle Collins.

The bridge has been closed down since May of 2015 and according to the DOT the project is set to be completed by December of 2016.

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