Columbia County Man Accused In Deadly Shooting In Atlanta-Area Hotel

Mug shot photo of Tito Ivey (Courtesy: Dekalb County Sheriff's Office)
Mug shot photo of Tito Ivey (Courtesy: Dekalb County Sheriff's Office)

Dekalb County, GA (WSB-TV) — WSB Channel 2 Action News, in Atlanta, talked to the wife of a Columbia County, Georgia man accused of killing another inside a DeKalb County hotel early Sunday morning.

Tameika Ivey told Channel 2’s Amy Napier Viteri her husband felt threatened before pulling his gun.

The family traveled to Atlanta from Columbia County to celebrate his wife’s birthday and do back-to-school shopping for their kids, but one bizarre encounter inside the fifth-floor hallway of a hotel led to that man shooting another who was also a guest at the hotel that night.

Man killed in shooting at Hyatt Hotel

Man arrested in fatal shooting at Hyatt Hotel

“A one-day trip like turned into something that’s going to affect you for the rest of your life,” Ivey told Viteri.

Ivey said her husband Tito Ivey is a loving father, not prone to anger.

She said he burst into their room at the Hyatt Place near Stonecrest Mall early Sunday, saying he shot a man in self-defense.

“My husband was frantic and the first thing he asked me to do was call 911,” Ivey said.

Tito Ivey told DeKalb County police he shot Franklin Jones inside the fifth-floor hallway because Jones was following him and he feared he was going to rob and shoot him.

“He thought that he was reaching something into his pocket,” Ivey said.

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