Greeneway Could Expand Into Downtown North Augusta

North Augusta Greeneway plans

NORTH AUGUSTA, SC —  A design firm wants your input on a plan to expand a popular trail into the heart of North Augusta.

The city wants to connect the North Augusta Greeneway with the downtown area.

The current trail winds through North Augusta from I-20 down to the River Club Golf Course.

“We’re really here to talk about the Greeneway, but it’s a lot about a redevelopment strategy and helping bring people into town,” Associate Designer Melissa Miklus said.

Alta Planning and Design is taking suggestions from the public on how the Greeneway can be used to get people into downtown North Augusta.

“Everyone is really excited and so that’s been great, because it’s not just about the movement of people, but I think it’s about what is the vision for North Augusta and how do we help them get there with this?” Miklus said.

Designers are also excited about the expansion because of Project Jackson.

“It’s been really interesting because right now, where the Greeneway starts and where it’s going to go, Project Jackson really aligns where the start and finish is,” Miklus said.

The plan is to get bikers, walkers, and runners to stop in downtown for food and shopping.

The Greeneway would connect with an alleyway in downtown North Augusta.

“We came down and looked at the plans and what they’re doing and it looks like a great idea. I like it,” North Augusta Homeowner David Sheets said.

Sheets says he wants to see natural landscaping on the trail and more shops and restaurants.

“Maybe a bar or something where you can go down. A neighborhood bar type, that we could enjoy,” Sheets said.

The design firm has done this before.

The company worked on the Razorback Greenway in Arkansas, which connects several towns together.

“So now there are restaurants and cafes, and bed and breakfasts are really following the Greenway instead of the streets,” Miklus said.

The public is welcome to attend an open studio session with the design firm Thursday from 9 to noon.

And then tomorrow night at 6pm, there will be a public presentation.

Both will take place in the municipal building.

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