Richmond County Schools Increase Security

Budget Woes Continue for Richmond County Schools (Image 1)

The Richmond County Board of Education is taking extra steps to make sure your children are safe this school year.

Last year the county had several different incidents where kids brought guns into school.

It’s every parent’s worst fear when they drop their children off at school. Will their child be safe?

Chief Alfonzo Williams says he wants parents in the Richmond County School system to feel comfortable leaving their children at school.

“We will visit each school in this county probably 2 times per semester those plans are already in place,” Chief Williams assured.

Unannounced visits and random metal detector checks are also in the plan for the upcoming year.

Superintendent Dr. Angela Pringle is bringing in more public safety officers to the larger high schools in the area.

“We are also educating parents and persons in the community about the importance of getting involved and being responsible, we’re asking parents to check their kids backpacks,” Williams explained.

Chief Williams says most of the gun cases are found in elementary schools and are not meant for malicious intent.

He says the key to keeping guns out of school is education and prevention.

“I think that we can not take it for granted we can not accept the fact that it’s happening. We’re being proactive, we’re teaching prevention, we’re teaching intervention,” Chief Williams said.

The Board of Education has also adopted a new plan for anyone who suspects or sees something suspicious, they can anonymously report it to the public safety department online.

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