Students’ Phone Numbers, Addresses Posted on School’s Gym Wall

Augusta, Ga – One middle school is having security issues with student information.

That has parents worried about their children’s personal information getting in the wrong hands.

A list of students names, phone numbers and addresses were posted on the gym wall at Langford Middle School.
The school system says it was a mistake.

MaryKatherine Gorlich is spending the last hours of summer break with her kids in the park.

“We’ve had a lot of fun this summer,” said Gorlich.

That fun turned into concern during open house at Langford Middle School.
A sheet of paper could be seen hanging on the gym wall with names, telephone numbers and addresses for students. We blurred all that out to protect students’ privacy.

“That was a huge red light for me. It was like why can anyone see what our address is,” Gorlich said.

That makes it a security concern. The school sits off of busy Walton Way, a lot of people are going in and out of the school and anyone can take a picture using their cell phone, of that list and do whatever they want with that information.

Gorlich said, “It seems like an invitation to predators.”

After several attempts to call The Richmond County School system,
We got a statement late Wednesday afternoon that reads, “After notification that student information had been improperly displayed, school administration removed those documents. We apologize for the error.”

Gorlich says the situation crosses a line.

“We trust the schools. We trust the teachers and the faculty with our children and they should absolutely live up to that,” Gorlich.

There is a policy against this.
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act is a Federal law that protects the privacy of student education records.
No disciplinary action will be taken.

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