UPDATE: Neighbors Hear Explosion from Train Collision

Train Derailment, Sandersville, GA

Sandersville, GA-

“It just rattled the windows and the top of my house and all,” said Jimmy Prince.

It’s a sound that Jimmy Prince hears on a daily basis: the roar of the trains near his home in Sandersville.

But on Friday afternoon, Prince said he couldn’t ignore the boom coming from the tracks.

“I heard this loud noise, I really thought an airplane had broke a sound barrier, but I knew it was too loud for that,” said Prince.

According to Norfolk Southern, one of the trains was a freight train coming out of Atlanta headed to Savannah. The second train is a local industrial train used to haul wood chips and scrap metal.

“I just can’t imagine the fear in their hearts, ya know, as they were about to collide,” said Connie Daniels.

Daniels rushed to call 911 after she heard the deafening noise from her backyard.

“The four guys jumped, which is what they are supposed to do,” said Daniels.

Daniels said the helicopter landed in her brother’s front yard to airlift two of the crew members who were in critical condition.

The other two were taken to a local hospital in Sandersville in stable condition.

“My son works on the rail cars and just a lot of emotion running through everybody’s mind,” said Daniels.

A spokesperson with Norfolk Southern said there were a total of three derailed locomotives and three derailed cars. No hazardous materials were released from the cars. We will keep you updated on the conditions of the crew members who were airlifted to GRU.

READ HERE: Details on train collision- http://abc6.wjbf.com/1DAsZkX


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