Judge Sentences Young Man To Marriage

Wedding Rings

TYLER, TX — A Texas judge gave Josten Bundy a choice: Go to jail for 15 days…or get married.

According to KLTV, Judge Randall Roberts ordered Bundy to marry his girlfriend Elizabeth Jaynes as part of his probation for Bundy’s role in a fight with Jaynes’s ex-boyfriend.

According to court transcripts, Roberts asked Bundy at the sentencing hearing if Jaynes was “worth it.”

“You do know one of the provisions to stay on my probation is you’re going to have to marry her?” Roberts later asked Bundy.

Afraid he would lose his job if he was in jail, Bundy and Jaynes set a date and got married at a courthouse.

Jaynes’ father was not happy about the judge’s order.

“[I felt] anger; I was mad,” Kenneth Jaynes told KLTV. “[The judge] can’t do this about court ordering somebody to be married.”

A legal expert told KLTV the sentence would likely have been struck down if it was appealed.

Calls from The Associated Press to the judge’s court went unanswered.




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