Tourists Bringing Millions to Augusta

Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic
Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic

July was a big month for Augusta.

The Augusta Convention and visitor’s bureau announced the city made nearly 10 million dollars from people visiting the area in July alone.

Sporting events, summer conventions and even family reunions, thousands of tourists have found their perfect destination in Augusta, Georgia.

“Once we get them here we want them to keep coming back,” Barry White, President and CEO of the Augusta Convention and Visitor’s Bureau said.

Barry white with the Augusta Convention and Visitor’s Bureau says the big pull to Augusta right now is the sporting events, and not the one Augusta is known for.

“Basketball has just exploded and kind of spun off different events, so we’re very, very excited that that has such a strong hold on the month of July,” White explained.

It isn’t all big events bringing people to the garden city. There were a total of 40 family reunions in Augusta during the month of July. The largest reunion brought in more than 90 thousand dollars in direct spending.

“We’ve talked to groups and they’ve been to cities like Las Vegas and everything, but when you have a group of 15, 16, 17-year-olds sometimes it’s nice to come to a place like Augusta,” White said.

White says locals are also benefiting from all of the exposure to Augusta as well.

“When people bring that money to our community they’re spending it in our stores, they’re spending with our vendor,s but it also helps us save taxes and property taxes. It helps keep our economy stronger and so everybody in Augusta benefits,” he said.

With more events to come this month, the bureau projects to make close to 3 million dollars in the month of August.

White says he’s looking forward to more events coming up in the month of August. Several of which will take place at fort Gordon.

Some of those events and dates are listed below.

Georgia United State Tennis Association 2015 Mixed Doubles Tennis Championships 08/13-08/17/2015.
Department of Family & Children Services 2015 DFCS Leadership Summit 08/18-08/21/2015.
Georgia – South Carolina Bulls Soccer Club 2015 Aiken Soccer Cup 08/22-08/23/2015.
Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association 2015 Army TechNet 08/24-08/28/2015.
Fort Gordon – Youth Challenge Academy 2015 Graduation 08/28-08/29/2015.
Fort Gordon – Youth Challenge Academy 2015 Ring Ceremony 08/07-08/08/2015.

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