Giving Your Best: Adaptive Driving Solutions

AUGUSTA, GA–  Being a single mother is challenging enough, but it can be even tougher for the parent of a special needs child …  because of medical expenses and equipment required to care for the child.

One local mom got a big surprise when she had Adaptive Driving Solutions install a wheelchair lift on her car; an unexpected gesture that showed her this business cares about helping people.

Johnna Olson: “They said it was a dinosaur of a lift and needed to be completely rewired!”

Johnna Olson had been saving up to buy a wheelchair lift for her car…

“So I would come up every tax season and ask them if they had one I could buy that was used.”

She got the funds together and took the lift back to adaptive driving solutions to have it installed.

“So I thought! Went in, waited for them to install it and I came out, walked around my car and there was an updated, refurbished lift- it was such a surprise and a shock that they did that, no extra cost for it. And it was just a wonderful thing for all the guys to pitch in together to make sure that my daughter had a lift that she could use and get around with– and I felt was safe on the back of my car”

Darryl Zerbel is the owner Adaptive Driving Solutions.

WJBF's Scott Skadan presents the Giving Your Best award to Adaptive Driving Solutions
WJBF’s Scott Skadan presents the Giving Your Best award to Adaptive Driving Solutions

“That’s the main thing we have to do, you can’t let somebody out there that’s not safe – then one that she brought in wasn’t in very good shape. When the opportunity did come around and the lift did exist that could make her life better, we made it happen.”

Heather Olson: “I can finally get around and not have to worry about somebody else having to help me out. I can finally go where I want to go, so what I want to do and be happy about this whole thing. This is just a blessing to me”

Johnna:  “You’ve given us the opportunity to travel. To go somewhere without pain, easily and comfortably– there’s just no words, just thank you, thank you, thank you!”

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