Richmond County Students Asked To Switch Buses Off School Property

Richmond Count School System

Augusta, GA – Some Richmond County parents continue to come forward with complaints about school bus routes. Many say the new adjustments have helped, but there is a bigger problem.

News Channel 6 spoke with one parent who says the lack of concern from the Transportation Department is a bigger issue than the late buses. Sharon Eveland said she’s reached out to the Transportation Department many times but they have yet to give her any answers.

During special hours on Saturday, parents could call the Board of Education to voice their concerns, but many were put on hold, and some never spoke with an administrator. Eveland called after she found out her child had to switch buses, off school property, and she says they had no idea about the issue.

“Two of the bus drivers forced them to switch buses in the middle of the Kmart parking lot off Gordon Highway. Students should never be switching buses unless they are on school property. Unless there’s a genuine emergency. Like the bus breaks down or there’s an accident,” Eveland said.

News Channel 6 has reached out to the Richmond County Board of Education about the possibility of holding another transportation meeting or special Saturday hours for parents, but the school system still hasn’t gotten back to us.

Count on News Channel 6 to update you on this.

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