Car Crashes Into Home in Columbia County

Grovetown, GA – A car ran into a house in the neighborhood of Canterbury Farms in Grovetown shortly  before 10:00 a.m. on Friday.

Officials believe Travis Petereson was driving the car and suffered a seizure. He the ran off the road and into the home on Ellington Drive. The homeowners were home, but upstairs asleep, and did not suffer any injuries.Car crashes into home in Columbia County.

Peterson was driving the car and he only suffered minor injuries but was transported by EMS to the hospital.

“I didn’t see the car. I had to open the doors. Sliding doors were kind of broken. I saw the car, saw a car seat, looked around to the car opened the door checked the car seat there was no kid inside so I was really relieved to see that. I asked a few times for the guy inside to respond to see if he was okay and finally he said that he had seziures so we had already called 911,” said homeowner Shane Sternberg.

Columbia County Sheriff’s Office deputies are on the scene of an accident in Columbia County off Ellington Drive.

According to authorities the car ran into the home around 10 a.m. Friday morning August 14th.  Deputies on the scene say the believe the driver of the silver Honda Accord suffered a seizure which may have caused the accident.

The owners of the house were Car crashed into Columbia County the home at the time.  No injuries were reported from inside the home, the driver of the car suffered minor injuries.


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