Aiken City Workers Investigating Increase in Water Main Breaks

Aiken, S.C. – Water woes in Aiken.
Water main breaks and boil water advisories have popped up in the All America city throughout the summer.

We are talking about nine boil water advisories this summer, five of them this month.
Problems not seen since 2012.
The city says it’s working on it. Neighbors say it’s aggravating.

The repair work is done on this water main break on Partridge Drive. Across the street from Camille Miles.

“This one right here behind me happens quite often,” said Miles.

The latest one happening late Saturday, putting the neighborhood under at 24 hour boil water advisory.
Water main breaks like this one have been causing problems throughout Aiken all summer long.

In addition to Partridge Drive, so far this month it happened in four other areas including Pine Log Road.

WJBF News Channel 6’s Deon Guillory asked George Grinton with the Aiken Department of Engineering and Utilities, “What is causing all of this to happen?”
Grinton replies, “We’re investigating what are some of the upticks in some of the main leaks we’ve been having.”

Grinton says his department is looking for a pattern and trying to establish if it could be due to older pipes in neighborhoods or water pressure concerns.

Deon Guillory asked Miles, “Is it frustrating?
“It’s just an aggravation,” answered Miles.

City crews are trying to see if it’s a city wide problem or just an issue in one area.
There’s no timetable on how long this will take.

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