Paying it Forward Mystery Couple

paying it forward.

AIKEN, SC — An Aiken couple is looking for a mystery couple they say restored their faith in humanity by doing a kind deed.

“It’s just a blessing,” Courtney Purvis said.

Sometimes it’s the little things that mean the most.

Courtney Purvis and her family went for dinner at Waffle House Wednesday night when the waiter took their receipt and in exchange gave her a note.

“I was just thinking you know nobody ever does this,” she remembers.

The note says “your bill has already been paid for y’all have a great night, the table in front of you.”

Purvis says she looked around, but the couple had already left. She says, she doesn’t know the people who picked up her check, but she wants to tell them how much she appreciates it.

“It meant a whole lot it really took our lives from for just a little bit it took our lives from upside down to right side up,” she said.

Just the day before Purvis found out her 2 year old son with Down Syndrome would have to have surgery.

She says she and her husband have been struggling, and just when she thought she hit rock bottom, a stranger picked her back up again.

“It’s made me think that there are people out there that care. There’s people out there that will do the kind things that you expect people to do, and some people just go over the top, and do things that you don’t expect them to do,” she explained.

Purvis knows she may never meet the people who gave her such great joy, but if she does she wants to tell them how grateful she is.

“I’m going to tell them thank you, and I’m going to let them know that I am passing it forward,” Purvis said.

If you’re the couple or if you know the couple that paid the Purvis family’s bill, please contact Margaret-Ann Carter at

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