Savannah Riverkeeper Wants The Storm Water Fee

The City of Augusta passed the Storm Water Fee and Savannah Riverkeeper hopes this won't change.

Augusta, Georgia – The Savannah Riverkeeper says if the storm water fee is repealed, her organization may have to sue the city.

Last month, the City of Augusta passed the storm water fee, but some people are trying to use state law to force a citizen vote on the matter. The Riverkeeper says the city has been fined several times by the Environmental Protection Agency for not meeting state standards. She says you cannot put the sewage into the river.

“If the city of Augusta if they get sued and repeal the storm water fee then Savannah Riverkeeper will be happy to sue the city back for its failure to maintain the storm water because it’s very important that people understand this storm water fee was not an optional thing. This city does not meet its state standards. Savannah Riverkeeper has been working with the city of many years trying to get to this point and we are a huge advocate of it because we have to fix this problem,” said Tonya Bonitatibus, Savannah Riverkeeper.

Bonitatibus says the money from the stormwater fee will fund programs that prevent run off into the river.

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