Golden Apple: Lisa Guilbeau

Golden Apple Winner Lisa Guilbeau

Everything has come full circle for Lisa Guilbeau. It’s a circle that motivates this Harlem High School graduate to give back at Greenbrier.
“I’m a product of Columbia County,” Mrs. Guilbeau says. “And I had many teachers that helped me along the way and I wanted to return that and make a difference to a child.”
Mrs. Guilbeau makes sure her students take a high tech approach to learning AP Government and Sociology. They were using their phones to follow her lesson plan when we dropped by.
“We have a great B.Y.O.T, bring your own technology approach,” she says. “And the kids can use their devices. We were studying from the college board, how to write their free response questions which is a large part of their ap exam which they can earn college credit for.”
And what a great time to study politics with a big presidential race on the horizon.
“We have the Young Republicans here and the Young Democrats. the young republicans have been following some of the candidates. we travel to Greenville, we go to Atlanta and they’re very much engaged in the political process.”
Who knows? Maybe a future president is in this class.
“They give me hope for the future. my money’s on the young people.”
Congratulations Lisa Guilbeau. She really is leading the way for the new school year as a most deserving winner of the Golden Apple Award.

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