Are Guns Allowed in the Office? Workplace Violence and Safety

Augusta, GA

Augusta, GA-

The two journalists involved in the Virginia shooting were victims of a surprise attack, but it has raised the issue of what you can and can’t do to protect yourself on the job in any line of work.

Workplace violence is common. According to OSHA, nearly two million American workers report being victims to workplace violence every year, and many more cases go unreported.

“People who want to be bad people are going to look for targets of opportunity, and what better place, than a place that does not have any firearms,” said Steve Fishman, President of Sidney’s Department Store and Uniforms, Inc.

Questions about workplace safety arise after two TV journalists were killed in the field—doing their job.

Steve Fishman, who sells guns in Downtown Augusta, says security in the workplace will always be a major issue.

“If they know, no honest abiding citizen is going to walk into this facility because it’s against the law, well, these are law breakers, they don’t care,” said Fishman.

In Georgia, employees are allowed to bring concealed weapons onto an employer’s property if they have a permit. But employers make the call on whether they can be brought inside the workplace. In South Carolina, business owners also have the right to prohibit or allow guns in the workplace.

“Right now, congress is bottlenecked in it, but you’re seeing state legislatures and cities take action in some places,” said President Obama.

President Obama said gun laws and safety continue to be evaluated, but these shootings keep happening in our own country.

“We are willing to spend trillions of dollars to prevent terrorist activities, but we haven’t been willing so far at least to impose some common sense gun safety measures that could save some lives,” said President Obama.

While lawmakers look at what changes can be made, Fishman said it’s impossible to legislate against illegal activity.

“Judges are doing the best they can, law enforcement is doing the best they can, but when someone decides to break the law and take a life, it’s very difficult to stop them,” said Fishman.

In Georgia and South Carolina, it can take up to three months to get a concealed weapons permit.

Here is more information from OSHA about workplace safety:

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