Augusta Commissioners Who Voted No On SPLOST 7 List Comment On Future Support

SPLOST Phase 7 graphic
SPLOST Phase 7 graphic

Augusta, GA – Jimmy Crenshaw knows which way he’s leaning when it comes to voting on Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) this fall. “I’m voting no, right now. They’re going to have to come up and do better things with the money they have,” said Crenshaw.

Crenshaw isn’t alone, with questions. Last week, the vote to extend the tax only passed 6-4 in the Augusta Commission.

View the SPLOST list approved by Commissioners on August 18th

Commissioner Bill Fennoy voted against it, he said, because the plan did not include funding for outside agencies. However, he said he doesn’t oppose the entire SPLOST. “There are a lot of needed projects that need to take place in Richmond County that only SPLOST 7 will do, so I’m going to continue to support SPLOST 7,” said Fennoy.

Commissioner Dennis Williams also cast a vote against the plan, but he says he’s neutral…supporting it down the road. “I didn’t get what I wanted, but I can’t take my ball and go home. We have to look at what’s good for the overall community,” said Williams. “But, you’re neutral. You’re not going to tell people to go vote for it?” we asked. “Not as of right now,” Williams answered.

Commissioner Bill Lockett also voted no, but he said that’s in the past, when it comes to SPLOST. “Once a vote is taken, that’s the end of the debate on it, so my job now is to go out and support it,” said Lockett.

Commissioner Marion Williams, who voted no, has a different view. “The SPLOST was done wrong, I think, so I’m going to ask people not to support it. I’m going to do everything I can to let people know I don’t think it was done right,” he said.

And, without support from city leaders, that could “do in” extending the sales tax.

Commissioner Fennoy said, not only will he support the SPLOST, but he is asking the people of the district he represents to support it as well as the officials of the nongovernmental agencies who were left out of the package to support it, as well.

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