Lowest Gas Prices in the CSRA

lowest gas prices in the CSRA.

Prices are dropping at the pump, and with millions traveling for the holiday weekend coming up it’s a good thing.

With help from our viewers and apps News Channel 6 was able to find several gas stations serving up gas for less than 2 dollars.

Unfortunately for Georgians you may have to travel across the bridge for the cheapest prices.

Triple A reports prices have fallen for 27 days in a row and people are loving the outcome.

“When was the last time that you ever saw gas prices like this in Georgia? It’s been a while I don’t even know,” Customer, Marion Taylor said.

Marion Taylor lives in Dearing, Georgia, but while in North Augusta he took full advantage of the South Carolina gas prices.

“It’s the lowest we’ve seen we were actually driving by and I had her whip in here to get some more gas real quick I said hurry up and get in that gas,” Taylor explained.

There’s no doubt gas prices in the CSRA have decreased but some more than others.

The lowest I found in Georgia is 1.85 at Sam’s Club, but you’ll most likely have to fight the line of people waiting to fill up.

Most other gas stations are holding steady at 1.99 or 2 dollars.

“Every time we get it Georgia is ridiculous and they’re getting ready to go up more on gas,” Taylor said.

Jasmine Reeves works at Shell in North Augusta and with gas falling to just 1.89 in the last week, she says it’s been a hectic couple of days.

“Yea super busy it started maybe last week sometime and it gets pretty hectic in here because of the gas prices,” Reeves said.

At just $1.86 Gregg’s Gas Plus in North Augusta is close to being the lowest price I found.

If you’re looking for the lowest gas price in the CSRA you might want to drive down Knox Avenue in North Augusta where you’ll find Kroger and Murphy’s USA have gas marked down to just 1.85.

There are also several apps you can use like gas buddy which will show you where the lowest gas prices in your area are and how far they are from you.

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