After Two Plus Years, Augusta Municipal Building Renovations Still Not Finished

City of Augusta Will Host Hornsby 8th Graders at Municipal Building (Image 1)

Augusta, GA – A rare site at the “Marble Palace” (Augusta Municipal Building) is a work crew putting the finishing touches on the building. But, all the work still isn’t over, yet..

“I know there is concern about us getting the C.O. and finishing up and moving on and I would like to know that, too,” says Mayor Pro-Tem Grady Smith.

The work will be completed here once a certificate of occupancy (C.O) is issued.

“My department will be the ones to issue a letter of completion. It is my understanding there are a few items that need to be completed but they’re being worked on right now,” said Augusta Planning and Development Department director Melanie Wilson.

The renovations haven’t been without controversy, though. There were complaints about too many conference rooms. One of three on the second floor is currently being used to store chairs and other furniture, and the Augusta Commission approved an additional $500,000 to move their clerk from cramped spaces to a larger office, and changes slow down progress.

“When you got everybody and his brother making a decision on what size toilet stall you’re going to have, you got a problem,” said the Mayor Pro-Tem.

Commissioners have been correcting renovation issues. Last week, the board approved $125,000 so the Richmond County Marshal’s Office could add and re-position security cameras after some site lines were blocked because of the renovations.

But, what city leaders want to see is this renovation finally completed.

“It’s been a long process and more costly than we thought it was. We’re so close to finishing, let’s do it now,” said Smith.

Commissioners will discuss the renovations at Tuesday’s meeting. Augusta Facilities Department officials say the project will be completed once the security work is finished, so the Commission chambers can be used as an auxiliary court room. That, however, is excepted to take another six to eight weeks.

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