North Augusta Leaders Relying on Private Companies to Step Up to the Plate

Project Jackson rendering

North Augusta, SC – North Augusta city leaders are hoping to “turn dirt” by the end of the year on Project Jackson. The design for more than $60 million dollar project is up to completion, but now, the city is looking toward business owners to fill those open spots.

At the work session on Monday, Mayor Lark Jones said there are many components to the development that include the public and private sector. Council members and community members got a briefing on budget, timeline, and future steps of what needs to happen to break ground on Project Jackson.

“It’s crunch time now, I mean it’s time for the private sector to step up,” said North Augusta City Administrator Todd Glover.

Glover said while the city is in deep negotiations with a hotel for Project Jackson, there is still more that needs to happen before the project takes off.

“There’s a lot of work that has to be done and a lot of agreements that have to take place, and it’s more complicated than just a developer liking the deal,” said Glover.

Glover went over numbers in detail about the budget and the additional costs of the two parking garages. Designs were shown of what type of garages would fit with the theme.

Another topic of discussion was the opening of the Medac building next month. More than 400 employees are expected to be commuting to the new parking deck across from the municipal building.

“I think on the surface it sounds like people are concerned about it, but it’s really manageable, and with a good traffic plan that we think we have, I think people won’t really notice a huge difference,” said Glover.

Aside from traffic issues, the city is focused on evaluating plans to make sure there’s enough revenue brought in to pay for the project.

“It’s a balancing act between making sure that the city is protected, that we have protections in place that if we borrow the money, that the project happens, but there’s a delicate balance to make sure that the project is doable on the business and private sector side,” said Glover.

Council members did go into executive session following the meeting to discuss three proposed contracts and economic development regarding Project Jackson. We will keep you updated when any details are released.

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