South Carolina Domestic Violence Task Force Meets, Discusses Solutions

Photo of Governor Nikki Haley signing a tougher criminal domestic violence bill into law in June.

COLUMBIA, SC – Governor Nikki Haley held a meeting for the South Carolina Domestic Violence Task Force on Monday at the South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice.

Gov. Haley discussed suggestions from subcommittees that have been meeting throughout the year. This is their third meeting since Criminal Domestic Violence reform was created.

With South Carolina as second in the country for domestic violence related deaths, Gov. Haley addressed problems and solutions of these rates in the Palmetto State.

“We want to make sure anyone from a hairdresser, to a dentist, to a doctor, can recognize signs that they need to,” she said. “Asking the questions of why are we seeing what we are seeing, and how do they go about reporting it.”

She said although there is a lot to celebrate in SC, the domestic violence in our state is not one of them.

Gov. Haley hopes this meeting will lead to changes in the way domestic violence is handled in South Carolina, making the approach more effective.

-Dawn Logg covered this story in Columbia for WJBF News Channel 6

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