Commissioner Facing Questions Over Community Center Connection.

Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic
Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic

An Augusta commissioner is questioning a colleague’s    connection to the Jamestown Community Center.

Before being elected Commissioner, Sammie Sias was president of the Sand Ridge  Community Association.

For the last 16 years the association has been  operating the Jamestown Center under a contract with the Recreation Department and still is.

Marion Williams wants to know if this is a conflict of interest, and whether Sias should still be in  charge of the center’s keys.

“To volunteer to clean toilets to sweep floors to buff floors pickup paper clean human excrement is that a conflict of interest that’s what we do here and I invite anyone who wants a key to come get a bucket a mop a rag a spray bottle and come on in,” says Sias.

Williams has requested a discussion of Sias connection to Jamestown at Tuesdays Committee meetings.

Williams is also wants to talk about the mistreatment of Children at the center.

Sias says he had to set one teen straight after he was  being disrespectful to staff.

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