Marshall Square Couple Asking for Stolen Items to be Returned

Marshall Square demolition begins.

COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga.- A couple of Marshall Square Retirement Community is looking for items they believe were taken from their apartment after the fire back in June.

According to a police report obtained from the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office, deputies responded to a call of a theft on August 27th. When deputies spoke with Judy Leggett and her husband, the couple explained to officers that on August 19th, Mrs. Leggett was at the Marshall Square Retirement Community during the demolition of the building their apartment was located.

Leggett stated to officials that they could see their apartment and some contents inside and got permission from Jimmy Dekalb, the general contractor on site, to go into their apartment and retrieve any salvageable items. Between August 20th and August 21st, a worker on site used a bucket truck to retrieve some important papers and other items of value to the Leggett’s.

Leggett was then informed her dresser drawers and jewelry chest had been ransacked. She told officials she had antique family heirlooms, $300 in the a top drawer and a four- place setting of sterling silver flatware taken from her apartment.

The Leggett’s would like their items returned as most belonged to Mrs. Leggett’s deceased mother.

If you or anyone you know has information about these items, please contact the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office at 706-541-4050.

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