Park’s Name Doesn’t Sound Like Any Fun

(Beech Island,SC) The web is silky and shiny, but it’s also home to this and who wants some spider hanging around.

“I step on all of them,” said Shawn Holm,

“You don’t like spiders?”

“No,” she said

“I’m really cautious about spiders I know what kind of damage they can do to you,” said Troy McKevie.

“Aint good spiders aint good at all,” said Calvin McCravey.

Halloween is a scary time and what do we do to make it more frightening we use spiders and spider webs for decorations.

And here’s a spider web kind of scary but not out of place at all because it’s on the sign inviting the public to have fun at Spider Web Park.

That’s right Spider Web Park in Beech Island, South Carolina.

“Why would we name a park spider web that’s a good question George I can’t answer that,” said McKevie.

“Would you like to play on a playground named spider web?”

“No would you,” said McCravey.

“It would be like naming a restaurant the vomitorium right.

Right,” said McKevie.

.But Ashley Dover should be a fan, on his shirt there’s a spider,

On the back it says Venom, but even he wouldn’t want to play at a place called   Spider Web Park.

“I wouldn’t visit,” he said with a laugh.

“You wouldn’t go even a guy nicknamed Venom with a spider on his shirt wouldn’t go?”

“No just the name is creeping me out,” said Dover,

But as names go Spider Web Park is pretty cool if not a little scary, and if you’re looking to shoot some hoops here I can find you a game of one on one with the spider that lives at the sign.

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