U.S. Senator Isakson Visits Fort Gordon

Fort Gordon graphic
Fort Gordon graphic

United States Senator Johnny Isakson stopped at Fort Gordon today on his tour of 4 Georgia military bases.

With several other bases around the country forced to cut soldiers, Fort Gordon finds itself in a unique position.

It’s actually quite the opposite for the local military base.

Fort Gordon’s Cyber Command Center is commanding attention from the Government, and instead of losing people, the base will gain 41 soldiers.

“It’s probably the most important base in the united states of America,” U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson said.

U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson refers to it as the point of the spear for future investment and defense. Fort Gordon’s Cyber Center of Excellence is making it a dominant player in the world for national security.

“That’s because it’s the central nerve system for the intelligence network for the United States of America, and the center of cyber security being developed here is going to be the key to our defense in the future,” Isakson continued.

While other communities are facing military cutbacks, the opposite is true for Fort Gordon, which is growing, thanks to the Cyber Center of Excellence, which will lead in the battle of this century.

“It’s an everyday battle around the world bad guys are trying to hack into our system and we are trying to defend ourselves around the world,” he explained.

Fort Gordon is one of just two facilities in the country that is not downsizing. Senator Isakson says the support from the Augusta community plays a large role in that.

“We’re very proud of the support the city of Augusta and Richmond county have given to the military,” he said.

For the soldiers being cut, Senator Isakson says it’s not the end of the road.

“Many of them will be reemployed throughout the country so it’s not like you’re pulling the rug out from under the soldiers they’ll be redeployment, reassignments we’ll take care of them as best we can,” he said.

The Senator says Fort Benning will lose a maximum of 3,450 soldiers including civilians.

Fort Stewart is expected to cut 950 people.

But the senator assures that he will take care of each and every soldier facing the loss.

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