911 Service Restored After Lightning Storm

Lincoln County 911 System Now Working (Image 1)

Lincoln County, Ga – Around 3:00 a.m. Saturday, 911 and regular telephone system service was interrupted at Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office 911 Communications Center as a result of a passing lighting storm.

The outage affected Lincoln, Wilkes and Taliaferro Counties land line subscribers. Through Lincoln County’s Code Red System residents were advised of the outage and provided an alternate number to reach the county’s emergency call center by cell phone.

Services were completely restored around 4:45 a.m. the same morning.

Lincoln County Sheriff Bruce Beggs said he appreciated the quick response of the staff by the local telephone provider Wilkes Telephone and Electric Company. “They had people on it within minutes,” the sheriff said. “I appreciate their dedication in returning service to our 911 center in such a prompt manner,” Beggs said. Through notification by the Code Red System the sheriff said residents were instantly provided with an alternative method of contacting emergency services. “Although it did awaken some folks in the wee hours of the morning I felt it was important to let our citizens know they could still reach us in an emergency.” The county’s two-way radio dispatch system was not affected and we were able to maintain contact with our law enforcement, fire and EMS personnel, Beggs said.

Beggs used the outage as an opportunity to encourage residents who are not subscribed to the county’s Code Red System to do so. The system provides emergency messages about incidents such as the outage as well as weather and other alerts. The service is free and residents can sign up for the system by visiting the link on the county’s website at lincolncountyga.com or by calling 706.359.4855 or visiting the county’s emergency services office located on School Street at the courthouse campus.

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